About Me

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Welcome friends, enemies, and the curious. My name is Patrick. I pretty much live my life on the internet and have for quite some time. I also exist elsewhere on Tumblr and Twitter. The House of Play is just another humble home of mine. The saga began 2000-ish, on the now defunct Geocities as a place where I posted embarrassing family photos from my childhood. It caught on, for a bit, and then I set-up shop on a LiveJournal clone, Blurty. The House of Play evolved into something more there. It was a window’s peak into my heart and soul, where I shared stories of my daily thoughts, opinions, and graphically summarized the drunken misadventures of an angry, early twenty-something individual.

I can’t explain it, but I suddenly became popular outside the close circle of friends I was used to. My demographics there were primarily composed of college-aged girls living in southern California. I referred to them as my groupies. They inspired me to move on and step it up a few notches.

As of right now, I really don’t have any concrete plans here. Maybe I’ll post reviews of television shows, movies, and music… or maybe I won’t? With my primary focus on things i think about late at night…, I expect this to be akin to that of a red-headed stepchild for a while. Every once in a great while I’ll take it to the zoo with the real kids, but for now he’ll just sit home and play with hand-me-down G.I. Joe action figures.

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